Infant / Toddler Program

Infant / Toddler (6 weeks - 17 months)
We take great pride in our infant/toddler program. We care a great deal about the health and safety of our little ones. Our infant/toddler staff is highly qualified and receives ongoing training in early childhood development. All employees are certified in CPR & First Aid. It is our goal to work with you to establish an individualized program for your child. Babies are fed, rocked, held, talked to and played with throughout the day. Infants are encouraged to crawl, walk, explore and communicate. We feel that moving is learning for the baby. Not only do they learn from movement itself, but they also learn that when they move purposefully, they can make something happen. On days when the weather permits, we take them for walks in our "Bye Bye Buggy." Each child is assigned their own crib, which we strip and wash at the end of each day. All toys used during the day are disinfected in the evening. We offer a place where your child will thrive in a happy, loving environment.
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Location #2: Southwest Campus
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