Pre-School Program

Pre-School Program (18 months through Pre-K)

We realize each child is unique and has different needs. It is our sincere desire to work toward the goal of developing your child academically, socially and emotionally. Your child will be encouraged to learn and flourish in a safe and educational setting. We understand that parents want the best care and education for their children. The program we offer is complimented with manipulatives, books, and tactical equipment. Your child will have the freedom to explore and experiment. Each child will learn to interact with other children and adults. Your child will be allowed to learn at his/her own pace. If a child shows an interest in a particular subject, we will challenge them to do more. The early childhood years are the most important for a child's development. Our staff is carefully selected and receives ongoing training in the field of early childhood development. All employees are certified in CPR and first aid. We offer each child a safe, happy, loving and learning environment in which they will thrive.

Location #1: West Campus
3416 Fondren Rd
Houston, TX 77063
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Location #2: Southwest Campus
9805 Bissonnet St. Ste. A
Houston, TX 77036
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